The Terroir

The estate covers 400 hectares in the territory of Castelbuono, in the Madonie Park, on hilly terrain at an altitude of between 200 and 500 meters above sea level, swept by the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea and just a few kilometres away from Cefalù. Each stone of the Abbey tells a story: A story that began in the twelfth century.


Hill with variable altitude, sea breeze, history and tradition: the course for wine production was charted out in the twelfth century.

The quality of the land

The vineyards cover only 65 hectares of land whose soil tends to be clayey. They are cultivated with both local and international grape varieties. The microclimate is influenced by the northern aspect, as well as by the isolation of the estate from other surrounding producers. These are all extremely favourable conditions that are further exalted by the choice of organic farming methods. The objective of Abbazia Santa Anastasia is to express the uniqueness of its terroir at its best, creating wines and offering hospitality that are sensory and emotional experiences.